****Late Registrations for Grades 2-9th Boys and Girls******

Late REGISTRATION will open tomorrow morning 11/5/2019.  First come first serve for the openings below!!  WE WILL CLOSE REGISTRATIONS FOR GRADES 2-9 11/20/2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those who forgot to register, registration will reopen next week for a limited time and limited spots.  Below is the list of spots available per grade.  It will be first come first serve.  Thank you.

2nd grade boys--4 spots

2nd grade girls--CLOSED

3rd grade boys--4 spots

3rd grade girls--5 spots

4th grade boys--11 spots

4th grade girls--5 spots

5th grade boys--5 spots

5th grade girls--1 spot

6th grade boys--CLOSED

6th/7th grade girls --6 spots

7th grade boys--6 spots

8th grade girls--6 spots

8th/9th grade boys--5 spots


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