Welcome to BYB Town Basketball

Basic Information

Updated Tuesday August 20, 2019 by Erik Curtis.

Welcome to your first year of BYB!  In second grade we establish set teams with volunteer coaches and regularly scheduled practices (one night per week TBD) and one game per week always on Saturday.  The league CANNOT establish game and practice schedules until registration is closed and teams are determined.  Please note, in second and third grade teams are generally compiled based on elementary schools so that the kids play with friends.  We do our best to satisfy every child, but appreciate your patience and support.

- Aug/Sept - registration is open.  Pass the word and encourage your friends to sign up.
- Aug/Sept - we actively seek volunteer coaches with an eye toward a positive, upbeat person who enjoys kids.  We can assist anyone with how to run a practice.  We encourage anyone interested to reach out
- Early Oct - registration closes around Columbus Day weekend, coaches are finalized and division directors selected.
- Late Oct - all volunteer coaches meet one evening with division directors and divvy up teams with an eye toward keeping friends together - please note this ONLY applies to 2nd and 3rd graders, the other grades are done using a draft (usually the last full week of October)  At this time coaches sign up for their practice time.
- Early Nov - all players are contacted by the coaches and informed about team placement and date, time and location of first practice (practices start the day after voting day).
- Mid Nov - Division Directors provide coaches with game schedules.  Coaches then share those schedules with parents.  You will play at the same gym every week but you will NOT be at the same time every week.  You can anticipate a 3-4 hour window - so you might play at 10am one week and 1pm the next, but you will have your schedule by the end of November.
- Early Dec - our season begins!  We typically play the first two or three Saturdays in December and take two weeks off around school vacation, then resume uninterrupted until Feb school vacation. This year our season starts the first weekend of December and Prep league starts the second weekend of December.
-Late Dec- the Dave Ryan Hoop Shoot is during winter break.
- Coaches are all volunteers
- Coaches referee games, too.  They are not certified refs and are giving their time to your child, please remember and respect this.
- BYB has strict rules regarding playing time and all children play equal time.
- BYB is a preparatory league with a focus on fun and fundamental skills development.
- The operation of this league requires a tremendous amount of work and volunteers make this happen.  We appreciate your support and patience and look forward to seeing your children having fun and learning the game of basketball.